In 2011, I photographed a large blue tarp covering a vine-laden fence as morning light poured through the translucent material. For three years, this tarp acted as one wall to my makeshift classroom at a school where I have taught photography for several years. In 2012, after being invited to participate in an artist residency in Giverny, France, I printed the photograph to scale—using a home office printer, 132 sheets of A3 paper were tiled together to create a 19 ½ by 7 ½ foot inkjet print.
At the end of the residency period, this work was included in a group exhibition. My photographs were affixed to the ceiling of the temporary exhibition venue—a derelict countryside house, uninhabited since the Second World War. Humidity and strong summer winds eventually pulled the sheets of paper from the ceiling. Exhibition viewers were invited to take the sheets that landed on the ground.

“Temperance” (group exhibition)

Butler House Giverny France, 2012

No title (01.02.2011, 9:47–10:06 am; West Hollywood, CA), Year: 2011-12; 234” x 90” ; Pigment Print